A-REALL Creative Response #2: Affirmation

Frequently, when I think about challenging the racist systems and society that I am part of, I am overwhelmed with a sense of paralysis at the size of it. In the discussion of power, in particular referent and expert power, I realized that I may not be able to change the whole world, but the power rests in me to change the places where I encounter it. The movement exercise resonated in my heart, so the image of the heart being my power center was one that I wanted to examine, particularly when I feel paralyzed by the size of the problem. The exploration took the form of an affirmation, the text of which is layered over the watercolor image of a heart exploding with power. The music is called ‘Sweet Hope’ and is stock from Canva. Given more time, I would play something similar on piano myself, so that all of the pieces are created by me.