A-REALL Submission #3: Structure of Abuse in the Theatre Industry

In our discussions about thinking of a flower as the model for the structure of racism in institutions, I felt that it paralleled my own recent thoughts on the theatre industry, and my own experiences. In light of statements and work done by We See You White American Theatre, I have been stirred to think about the practices in my own experiences as both an actor, and a part of the system of industry preparation, and what they have done to perpetuate the cycle of abuse and racism in the theatre industry.

My piece is a root system composed of the parts of the culture that have been ingrained into me by my training and upbringing in the theatre and music world, a stem composed of the institutions that are “just the way it is,” that also perpetuate the culture of abuse in the theatre, and the flower representing the interpersonal and internalized exchanges I have either experienced or been a part in perpetuating. I used clip art and Canva to put the composition together.