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A-REALL Submission #1: Identity

the thing that you need most in this business is to know who you are and what your product is, and to be unashamedly that thing no matter what anyone says to you or what box they want to put you in I have created a visual representation of my identity (or lack thereof) as […]

Two weeks in…

We are 2 weeks into virtual learning. Whew- what a whirlwind! I love technology, and I love teaching virtually… BUT there have certainly been more frustrations than successes so far. So, I’m going to complain a little. First: no breakout rooms. I understand the reasoning on both sides of the argument, and it seems valid. […]

Virtually Organized Classroom

I’ve spent the last week or so deciding how I wanted to set up my virtual classroom for my students, so that it would be as efficient as possible for the way that I wanted to use it. There are a lot of possibilities. Ultimately, I chose what was going to be the least hassle […]

Lower Your Expectations

August, the month that feels like one big Sunday, is upon us. No doubt, your feed is filling up with other teachers sharing their ideas. Silly me, I was thinking that since we were learning virtually this year, there wouldn’t be any insane(ly competitive) photos of people’s classrooms. Au contraire, mes amis! This year, the […]

Do community theatres really serve the community?

For a very long time, I have wanted to start a theatre company to serve my community. Not necessarily a community theatre, and not necessarily a professional theatre, but something in between. Something different. A place where trained artists would be able to have full time employment in their field(and health insurance!), while serving the […]

Interactive Documents for Student Choice

When we adjusted to virtual learning in the spring, the schedule we were given was a nightmare for teachers of electives, and the students who love their classes. Four days a week were devoted to “Core Subjects,” while all electives (even core subject electives) were relegated to Fridays. Our students have 7 classes, so it […]